Judy 's Letter

To my daughter, Jo and the generation of 1976,

We had a foretaste in that summer of '76 of severe drought and the changes to our climate that the world is facing in 2022. Fewer people were listening at that point to the warnings of climate scientists, or were motivated to take action.

From the beginning of your life being veggie, riding buses, trains and bikes and limiting our consumption were very easy actions to take. After you were disabled we had an allotment and set up an inclusive project for equal access to cycling as an open air pursuit.

When Sir David Attenborough spoke out in warning of a coming climate catastrophe you listened and wanted to know how we could help avert it. All I could do was point to our planet friendly lifestyle and the subscriptions we'd always paid towards conserving nature.

Much as I tell you that the best minds are at work to monitor and mitigate the changes taking place I know there is far more you want to do. The natural systems are degrading so fast in a world that puts humans first that no one can be sure that destruction will be averted. But we know we are in the struggle of our lives and our numbers are growing.

As we join hands let's believe in the best that humans can be and in a future where climate justice prevails and we reverse the effects of stupidity and neglect. The story isn't over yet and the song has no ending. We're all here to make a difference, so let's get on with it.

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