Jude's Letter

Dear future self,,

As I am writing this letter to you, the world is in a dire state. We have failed to take care of the planet, and as a result, we are now experiencing the consequences of our actions. Climate change is rampant, natural disasters are occurring at an alarming rate, and species are going extinct faster than ever before.

We had the opportunity to make a difference, but we chose to prioritise our own comfort and convenience over the well-being of the planet. We ignored the warning signs and continued to consume and pollute at an unsustainable rate.

We cut down forests, polluted our oceans, and pumped greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We knew that our actions were causing irreparable harm to the planet, but we chose to ignore the consequences.

Now, you are living in a world that is vastly different from the one I know. The air is polluted, the oceans are acidic, and the climate is unpredictable. You are facing challenges that we could have prevented, and I am sorry that we did not do more to prevent them.

Please do not make the same mistakes that we did. Take care of the planet, and prioritise the well-being of the Earth over your own comfort and convenience. The planet is fragile, and we must treat it with the respect and care that it deserves.


Your past self

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