Nicola's Letter

To my children, Arthur and Henry,

In 2030 you will be men in your 20's. You already have questions about the world we live in now. You once said Arthur why can't the billionaires just all give in their money and then we divide it out so everyone has enough.
I know as you get older these questions will get more complicated. We support a football team funded by the UAE.
There are things we've also done that are about money. So far you've never been on a plane. I wonder as time goes on what will we think of travel and travel supplements telling us where to go. How tourism is a source of income in so many places as other industries fall down.

I hope we see the rise of green energy and renewables. I don't know how we became so plastic.

I wrote a play for a company in Rochdale about climate change, The Storm. So children could watch it and talk about it as a class and with their teachers. We felt very much we didn't want children to feel there was no hope or the weight of all this. It's not you having a Happy Meal that has caused climate change. It's big corporations and how we've organised a way of life. Companies that reap profit but don't pay tax to create good education, health care and a safer society. But I do feel more and more that people are wanting change. They are seeing the impacts already of climate change and believing them.

I hope what you see in your 20s is a world that is seeing the impact of changes that have been made. That green energy is a norm. That we look up at those in power and direct our anger there, not those at the bottom who are struggling. That our relationship with food has changed. I hope you feel hopeful about the world and part of it. That the way you live your life is one that doesn't have so many grey areas. That we remember we are a blue dot in space and we should look after it. It's the only home we've got.

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