Steve Allinson's Letter

To anyone who wishes a tomorrow ,

In life, I ride my bike to the highest points I can find. I watch the sunrise and marvel that it brings life to all around.

Don't mourn me after I'm gone. Go watch the sunrise. You're privileged to see the dawning of each new day. I will be with you in spirit.

Nurture life, your loved ones and right throughout the world. Respect the ground on which you stand, the air that you breathe, and the sun that warms your face. The oceans, the mountains, the forests, and the atmosphere. Respect your power to make or destroy a world.

It finds it's own balance. It will, whether we cherish it or not. It will though, not choose to sustain life as we know it. That choice is down to us.

Sleep is our time machine to each new dawn, to every new day. Pause as you enter your time capsule, and reflect if in your day you did all you can to sustain tomorrow. Today we determine tomorrow. Today, we determine if there will be humanity to wake to watch the dawn. Or whether our world is to wake without us.

Don't wonder at the glory of our world. Wonder at the power you have to make or destroy it, and the choices you can make to determine which it is to be.

Life is simple. Nurture life, sleep, wake, repeat.

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