Rebecca's Letter

To My Future Children and Grandchildren,

The year is 2023. It is June and it has been boiling hot for around two weeks. I know the UK is known for being cold and miserable but these 'heatwaves' we have been experiencing for the past few years are quite alarming to me. Just last summer the UK experienced temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius which is absolutely not natural.

I remember when I was your age, I went on a family holiday to Turkey and experienced temperatures of 44 degree Celsius which I thought was absolutely crazy and definitely did not expect to ever experience those temperatures at home in Wales.

I am worried about having children and bringing them into a doomed world and them experiencing the result of my generation and generations before mine's actions.

I am worried about summers becoming insufferably hot and winters becoming flooded. I am worried about people in third world countries who are already experiencing these horrors.

I hope we have somehow managed to fix this crisis and that you are living happy and fulfilled lives without the consequences of climate change.

I hope you are able to see the world in more sustainable ways and that the gift of travel is still available to you.

I am sorry for the state the planet has been left in and I am sorry that the Government just doesn't seem to care.

Lots of love,
Bec x

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