Drishika's Letter

To the future…,

Today, I'm 11 years old, I care about the environment and I make changes to my life wherever I can to lessen my impact on it. But in another 11-15 years' time, are we doubly wise?

Dear future self…
How’s the “new” life?

Is the planet twice as healthy as it is right now, or do we have double the environmental problems to face because humanity didn’t want to change? I could see and experience these wonderful landscapes. I didn’t think about the earth changing, with species dying out due to our demand for money, food, and comfort. As the world grew around me, consideration for it shrank to the back of our minds and withered. One day this world will be gone because of us but I hope that people have cared enough to change that and make the Earth an amazing place to live on again so that people, animals, trees, and plants are not dying and living freely in their own world.

I hope this thought of keeping our earth green creeps into everyone's mind like a creeper crawling up from one individual to another turning it into a better earth again as it has endured enough,

I hope you are ok and still able to enjoy the wonderful natural world that currently only exists in some parts of the world,

I hope we haven’t ruined it all…

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