Grace's Letter

Mrs Fairbairn and Class 4. My friends and teacher,

It is nice weather, but our planet is too hot! This is because of climate change. If we don't help the planet, we will have nowhere to live!

We can all help by putting things in right bin and recycling glass, carboard and paper. If we reuse things rather than buying new things, especially plastics, then it will be safer for our planet. Instead of using the car, be walking to school or riding on your scooter or bike. This causes less pollution.

It is important to me because looking after nature is what I do! I want everyone to help because so we can get all of the planet clean and tidy. Our planet will be healthy and a nicer place to be. If everyone helps then we will get the job done and our planet will be here for us!

Thank you
love Grace xx

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