Jill Griffiths's Letter

My nieces, nephews, son, friends, the government and anyone who is interested in wildlife,

I am very lucky in my garden; I have a variety of tits, gold finches, green finch, bull finch, sparrows, jackdaws, starlings, pigeons, on occasions bunting. They are all a source of great amusement as they whizz up & down from the feeder to the ground sometimes arguing as they go.
However, I am extremely concerned (makes me very angry), at the slowness of response by government to support organisations AND the public when the evidence of our country wide and global dilemma is staring them in the face. They simply don't listen, and have undone regulations set by the European Union ( for very good reason) behind our backs.
Many species have already been lost with so many others on the endangered list.
Yes, we are planting trees, but it is hard to fathom if we'll actually ever have enough as there are more humans being born than trees planted. Yes, we are bringing reserves for nature but is it too little too late?
I would like my great grandchildren to come into a world we have managed to save (from the brink). We have to move much quickly if we are to succeed.
WHY has the government not made solar panels mandatory on ALL new builds, enforcing a law for all those who can afford to have them, subsidising those who need help. Put up solar panels instead of houses!! How long have these panels been in existing? SLOWNESS of Response.!
Thank you

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