Helen's Letter

To my darling grandson, Leo,

When you grow up I hope you find the world is on a path to recovery. As I write this we have politicians who SAY they want to address climate change and nature, but DO the reverse, influenced by oil companies to carry on as usual. I and lots of other people feel very angry about this, and work hard to "live lightly" on this planet and to tell people why they need to do this too. It's so you, your children, and all the people all over the world don't have to live in an overheated, degraded world. I want you and your children to see and hear lots of animals and plants and nature, not to live in a hot, dead world. I really really hope that we have been in time to stop that, and if I haven't tried hard enough then I am so very very sorry. With all my love, Nana xxx

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