Angela Richardson's Letter

Dear Frances and Liberty,

Both of you have been named for freedom and I long that your future and your childrens' future will be filled with freedom and joy in a beautiful, sustainable, cherished environment.
I pray that unnatural floods, storms, fires and heatwaves will be things you will read about in history books, that your parents and grandparents will tell you about one day. That they will tell you how they were instrumental in saving the seas and rivers from pollution, how they freed farmed animals from the torture of endless, desperate, solitary confinement, how our lost and precious herb-filled meadows were restored for animal to graze and give us nutrient-rich food once more. I long that you will look back on your mother, grandmother, father, grandfather as climate heroes who fought with integrity to cherish the amazing creation designed to sustain us all; heroes who had the courage to value and strive not for money but for those irreplaceable things that are already given and 'free', but so very nearly already lost.
I pray that you will be truly free to be the wonder of all that you can be,
in a world that can once again be truly free to be the wonder
of all that it should be.
With love,

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