Cathy Gaulter 's Letter

To my precious grandson ,

Dearest boy,
I hope that you have continued to like going outside in the garden and now enjoy bike rides and walks in the countryside using your own legs.
I am sorry that politicians are not acting fast enough to stop the effects of global warming and protecting our wildlife. Sadly, many people seem to think that they can hop on planes as if they were buses and they do not give any thought to how this might affect the environment. Many also insist on driving short journeys that could easily be cycled.
I have tried my best to live as sustainably as possible by giving up meat, planting trees, cycling to town, buying secondhand clothes, recycling and reducing waste.
I hope that by the time you are 18, the air is clean and people have come to understand that we are part of nature and that we must cherish our beautiful Earth.
Lots of love,

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