Cheryl Ethnie's Letter

My Grandson Elijah ,

Hello my boy …

I’m writing this letter to you so that you’re aware of the injustice about TRADE & how by buying FAIRTRADE products is one way we can help those around the world earning a pittance because they’re not part of the mega rich TRADE partners!

Please always be AWARE of this as well as other injustices around our beautiful planet that capitalism & greed have destroyed (then deny climate change so they can make even more money through exploitation) - sickening!! Yet by destroying the planet they’ve destroyed humanity & as always they don’t care about the impact on the poorest in the world or FAIRTRADE farmers. So the likes of you & me must make sure they’re voices are heard! I dread to think how people in Africa & other AT RISK places around the globe caused initially by white mans greed will live & exist even in 8 years 2030!?!

Never forget your own humble beginnings my boy & never forget those that did the best they could FOR YOU regardless of others who only think of ME ME ME mentality - be proud that you think differently from them my boy! I’m so very proud of you!

All my love as always

Your Nan xxxxxxxx

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