Melanie Clarke-Duff's Letter

Hi kids,

I hope that the fact that we moved out of the city when you were little, gave you the chance to connect with the natural world. We realised that the ever expanding city with its roads, pollution and concrete squares wasn’t going to help you understand your integration in the ecology of our planet. Spending time in nature is so important and allows us to appreciate our role in the world and how we are part of a great system that supports all life.
I hope knowing this has helped you to work to support our world, to take less and give more. I hope it helped you to find a voice to make positive change happen. I hope in all my heart that the politicians of the world have listened and that policy now supports our world rather than hurts it. We live in a time of speedy change in technology and lifestyles, let us embrace our ability to let go of the past and move into the future with the support of governments to make ecologically choices affordable for all.
I hope the bees are buzzing and birds and singing for you and you feel the joyous connection with the earth that I wanted you to discover.

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