Angela Hare's Letter

For the future, to show that we cared and tried our best,

I would like to see a future where wildlife and the environment are at the top of all agendas. Where promises on carbon emissions have been met. Where fossil fuels are a distant memory. Nuclear power is phased out as it is obvious that the previous rhetoric about was the worst kind of green washing. Where money has been invested instead into insulating homes and reducing the demand on energy. Where green energy is installed on all new builds along with bee bricks and swift boxes. But where building new us minimised. Where solar has been added to existing buildings. And empty offices have been turned into social housing. I want environment protections that are in place actually upheld and added to. All this is achievable. And many of us are trying to do our best. It’s time for those in government to actually get fully onboard and make it happen.

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