Alison 's Letter

To Juniper & Rowan my precious grandchildren ,

In my cottage I look at the picture of my great grandparents, the world has changed since their day, I have access to so many opportunities, as it should, life has improved for successive generations. My great fear is that you and your children will look at a photo of me and know that I and my generation let you down. Failing to leave a life that is better than one we inherited, but one we are systematically failing to protect and are allowing to be damaged.

I hope it’s not too late for us to improve our stewardship of the world, it’s going to be tough but I truly believe opinion is turning, I hope when you see my photo you will think she made a difference, not she let us down. My promise to you is I will play my part in trying to make the changes we need to make, in the hope that you and your children will have a secure future.

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