John Bell's Letter

Maddie, Emily and James,

Hello kids. The weather has just turned cold after a very hot and dry summer. Too hot, too dry. I'm working really hard to try to do all I can at home and at work to give you guys and your children the best chance possible to live in a world like the one I thought I lived in when I was your age. Back then, the world was full of opportunity and excitement.

It still is, but with this dreadful background of the damage that is being done to the plants and animals and the world in which they live. I'm sorry you have that as the backdrop to your early years. I'm sorry we don't go on exotic holidays in a plane like too many of your friends. I hope you understand.

More, I hope that my efforts are not just a complete waste of time, and all of the small actions that people are taking add up to something big enough over time that things stabilise and we don't fall off a cliff. Love you guys so much. xx

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