Catriona Stewart's Letter

To my grandchild,

You are not born yet but in my mind daily. I’m baffled every day too. That our current leaders care only for their own power and that their venal short term world view puts not only humankind in peril but the entire natural world on which we and all other living things depend.
My hope is that this is a soon to be over supernova of the Anthropocene, before leaders emerge who understand that our human future cannot be separated from the future for the natural world. That our future depends not on endless growth, consumption and individual wealth but in collective endeavour, and where wealth and assets are used for the common good, where people think ’We’ and not ‘I’.
I am pessimistic about our times and the future without change. But I’m hanging on to optimism that most people are decent and I will do what I can to bring a better future for your mum, dad and you.
‘We’ people are but one species but we hold the future of many in our hands.
As I come to end end of my working life I will be putting my energies into the actions and making the arguments to bring a brighter future for you and all the other apricots that you will share your time on Earth with.

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