Lily Roberts's Letter

To future generation ,

It's time. Time to change.The planet is dying. Iets take actions into our own hands . The Earth is crumbling to pieces. I can not describe how important this is to me. I'm not asking for the world to have a huge change but even the littlest things help. Like having different bins for different things, recycling your rubbish,walking or going on a bike instead of using a car.Just the things like that. Yes i know this is the world we live in but it shouldn't be! My ideal world would be to have a happy earth. And not have only 2 white rhinos in the world. It's just not fair. By the year of 2050 there will be no animals left. And its all because of us. At this point everyone has lost hope. But i haven't.And its not too late. So please make a change. And with all of us we can make a brighter future.

Yours sincerely
Lily Roberts.

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