Judith 's Letter

To myself ,

I doubt I’ll still be living in 20 years time but I really hope future generations will still be able to enjoy wildlife as I have done. The birds, the wild flowers, the insects, animals, scenery, just everything. I find such pleasure in everything. I find peace and calm just watching a busy bee in the garden. So many of my neighbours don’t show my interest when it comes to nature. They hate slugs and spiders and noisy starlings. They hate daisies in the lawn. What hope for their grandchildren if they show no interest themselves?
I tell them that without the natural world we couldn’t survive. We wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for nature. All this AI, social media, air travel etc, it wouldn’t exist because we wouldn’t exist without nature.
So why are we so slow to understand the problems we have caused? Why didn’t we all listen to the scientists 40 years ago when they spoke of global warming then?
We can learn so much from the natural world. How it survives through conflict, natural disasters and how it all works together or alongside each other, for example. Look how trees communicate, it’s amazing!
Without the natural world there is no future so everyone, as well as governments, has to play their part. I want future generations to experience what I have experienced. It’s so good for the soul, so good for our health and wellbeing.
I play my part as best I can but I can only hope future generations learn and seek out those natural delights and they never let them go. The world needs nature, nature deserves to be here. We must look after it.

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