Victoria Murphy's Letter

To my Darling Daughter, Eva,

As I write this, you are 3 and a half years old and I am 39. I wonder what you will be like as a 39 year old woman, will you be married, will you have children of your own? I also wonder what will the world look like 35 years from now. For many years, scientists have warned my generation that Climate Change would gradually destroy our planet. For many years, we didn't listen, we thought we couldn't make a difference, we concerned ourselves with consumerism and material possessions. We know now that the scientists and global rights activists were correct.Times are changing and we are learning to embrace a new, more sustainable way of life. This week, my love, I bought you a new drinking water bottle, made from fully recycled and recyclable material (you love it because it is pink!), we have turned down the central heating thermostat by 2 degrees and, at work, mummy is involved with helping to grow a more sustainable future with my company. Small changes by individuals, can turn into big changes collectively. So, my hopes and dreams for your future are that you, your children and your grandchildren will have a beautiful world to discover and enjoy, and that you will continue to embrace a sustainable lifestyle for many, many generations to come.
Sending all my love to your future self,
Your Mummy. xx

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