Alison 's Letter

My sister Amy,

I love you so much and I want a better future for you. You are 18 now and I’m a few years off 40. I don’t have any children and I know people wonder why or think I must just be selfish. The real reason is that the world is way too scary and I couldn’t bring a new person on to a planet that’s burning down. Since I realised that would mean I didn’t get to have my own children my fervent and best hope for you is that things will change. In 2030 I hope so much that we’ll be able to see how people and governments have taken the climate crisis seriously so that you can plan your family without fear. I know you want children and I want you to feel confident that they will inherit a planet that people have cared for, where heating is limited, adaptations are made and the communities at biggest risk are protected. I want you to live your adult life without the hopelessness that holds me back and I want to hug my little nieces and nephews tight.

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