Giles Booth's Letter

to my children,

When you are my age, in roughly 30 years’ time, my hopes for you are that the planet we inhabit is in good shape.
We have been unsure about climate change for quite a long time. First, we didn’t even know it was happening, then we denied humans caused it and then only a handful of people started to do anything about it.
As I write this there is a sea change happening; a shift in perceptions and a dawning that something must be done. We are only just starting to understand the intricate way all the planets systems and ecosystems work together to keep the planet stable. My worry is that my generation has left it too late for meaningful change and that the knock on effects will make the world a more difficult place to live in when you need it most.
I know COP28, the global forum to discuss solutions for climate change, will be held later this year attended by the country leaders from around the world. I do wonder if you will still have those in the 2050s… or whether talk has finally turned to action.
The message I want to leave you with is that I have started to make a personal change, as have many other parents and people I know; we do this for your future, and I hope we got it right.
Dad / Giles Booth

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