Viv Davies's Letter

To my Great Grand-children, Phoebe and Levi,

Dear Phoebe and Levi,
I want you to grow up in a world that has lots of birds, animals, flowers, trees, insects and fish, all in their own habitats and unharmed by pollutants and nasty things. I want you to be able to go for lovely country walks as I did as a little girl 90 years ago. I want you to be able to breathe clean air for your lungs to be healthy.
I hope there will be no more wars so that all countries can live in Peace and that we can all share the worlds bounty so that no-one will be hungry any more, for we can produce enough for all if we all share and not have some people/countries having more than their fair share.
I want a world where all can have free and the best medical care and all people are loved and cared for properly.
This would be a wonderful future for you and all who are children now.
How can this happen?? I believe it can only happen if Countries and Governments accept that we HAVE to do something about climate change and not just talk about it. Also that all Countries will have to co-operate on this important issue, otherwise my dear Phoebe and Levi you will not have a Future.

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