Amy Burke's Letter

To my Grandchildren of the future ,

I am hoping that when this letter gets to you the world as I see it today is a healthier one.

There is alot of talk on the TV about nature and how it is being destroyed across the world by us. This is having a knock on effect and I feel terrible for the absolute state in which the world actually is. There are animals being killed for money, trees being hacked down to make palm oil and farmland and all of our natural habitat is slowly dwindling. For some strange reason, money is taking president over conservation and what is ethically right.

There are some charities, organisations and individuals that are trying to create more awareness and change behaviours but it is proving an upward struggle from what I can tell.

We are all being asked to do something and writing this letter to our current Government is one thing I can do in hope to change things.

I absolutely adore nature. I also value diversity, clean air and oceans. Unfortunately, if we don’t do enough now then these things will be gone and your life will be impacted.

I want you to know that I am trying to do my bit; I am a vegetarian, I use public transport, shop in thrift stores and only use what I need but most people a wasteful and do not care for the world and it’s beauty.

I really hope that the UK Government makes our land and oceans it’s priority because there are so many animals/insects needlessly suffering dying because we clearly are not doing enough to help them to thrive.

I hope you grow on a much more knowledgable society but I fear that money and selfishness will over ride all of the good actions taken by others

Love and best wishes

Amy B

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