Tanya Steele's Letter

Dear Future Generations,

I want you to experience a world rich in wildlife and wild places, just as I have – to know that the cliffs along our coasts are still home to comical puffins; that carpets of bluebells still transform our woods in spring; and that further afield elephants, snow leopards and penguins continue to thrive in the amazing places that fire your imagination.

I also want you to feel proud to live in a world where the actions we take ensure that people across the planet are not facing growing – and terrifying – threats from floods, wildfires and famine.

In order for you to live in that world – a world we have taken for granted but see slipping away day by day – it is today’s leaders, of government and business, who must act on the climate and nature crisis. And they must act now. You, your generation and the generations yet to come are not responsible for the destruction of our way of life, our wellbeing and our magical wild world that will be driven by climate change. But it will be you who will have to bear the consequences unless my generation acts now. So the message of my #LettersToTomorrow is to our leaders – there will be no more important duty you discharge than to ensure a safe and stable planet for future generations.


Tanya Steele

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