David's Letter

To our granddaughter, Evie,

We are living in a difficult time, and I fear that matters may only get worse. Because I am already an elderly man, the state of our planet will only affect me for a few more years, but for you my dear Evie, the effects of climate change may be a lot more alarming and for your children and grandchildren - who knows what the planet may be like in a hundred years from today? The signs are not good because the ice in polar regions is melting at an incredible rate. This means that sea levels globally will rise, and many low lying land areas will become uninhabitable. This will lead to ever increasing overcrowding of populations, caused by the forced abandonment of the areas flooded. Many nations will be affected and many lives will be lost in the process.
Evie, I just want you to know that, Nanny Rosemary and I, we did our best to save the planet. We urged our politicians to take these matters seriously, to make the correct long term choices and to cut greenhouse gases. We tried to live our lives causing as little pollution as possible. 'Every little helps', we are told and I hope that we had some effect on the future. Your future.
I hope and pray that things are not too difficult for you.
With our love,
David and Rosemary

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