Jillian's Letter

To my dearest Granddaughters,

I hoped when you were born we would be looking after nature in a better way, but it’s me who remembers walks with my mother when many more wild flowers were everywhere. Now we have to travel some distance to see a wild flower meadow, and our verges are full of rank grasses or scalped within an inch of their life, as councils continue to mow with no thought for individual places and what flowers they may contain.
I thought the new payments to farmers might encourage more nature but instead we just pay people with most land, many of them are totally uninterested in nature and grow one crop with no interest in wildlife at all.
I remember how excited you were when I took you to a meadow, running up the field scattering butterflies as you went, hearing the skylark overhead and the excitement of finding pyramidal orchids amongst the beautiful grasses, birdsfoot trefoil, yellow rattle and moon daisies.
Thank goodness some people still see the benefits of nature, and I am glad in a small way by joining wildlife trusts and Plantlife we can support the work they do on our behalf to protect these special places.
Stay interested in nature and continue to enjoy walking, plant hunting and bird spotting with me.
Lots of love Nanny

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