George Harvey's Letter


dear letters to tomorrow
High cross primary school

High cross drive
Np10 9ab
27th of june 2023

I am George Harvey and I am 9 years old and I go to high cross primary school and I order
you to take action now I’m the next generation andZ I won't protect the environment.

Firstly trees are vital to the environment they give us oxygen they give animals homes and food and absorb co2 and make it O2 they stop as many floods tree roots keep the earth stable
Trees give us fruit.

Seconely plastic is very bad for the environment. It kills lots of animals and fish. They eat it because they think it's food fish and get stuck in plastic. Plastic goes in other places. Only 2% is properly recycled . Most plastic is inserted and that makes bad gas that is bad for the environment.

Thirdly, climate change and more extreme weather are happening. Heats are rising, icebergs are melting, which makes more floods. Cars foil kills the atmosphere that makes Gravert that keeps us on the Ground.

Your sincerely

George harvey

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