Martin Bull's Letter

To Future Generations,

I have for many years worried that our world leaders, despite climate change and environmental catastrophe being predicted and avoidable, would prevaricate and bow to the interests of greed, fossil industry lies and personal self interest, before considering the interests and needs of the many billions of people who could potentially follow me, if, that is, the world is in a fit enough condition to accommodate you and the abundance of healthy ecosystems that are necessary to sustain and enrich your lives. Up until this point, I am very sorry to say my fears have been justified.

We have now reached the point where we must immediately either make significant changes to the way we live and most importantly to our redundant economic model and reliance on fossil fuels, or condemn you to a future that has been raped and degraded or, even worse, for many, to a non-future.

There are a huge number of people who see the necessity for change and with luck this may be enough to avoid the worst of what my and recent generations have bestowed upon you.

Whilst it can be hard to be hopeful, my hope is that a better way of being is possible and must happen.

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