Bernard Mothes's Letter

To my grandson Sebastien,

Dear Seb,
I know you are well aware of what goes on in the world and, like me, worry about the future and, specifically, about the environment. It is a sad reflection on the world that a 10-year-old boy should be anxious. I certainly did not have such feelings when I was your age, perhaps because I was much less well informed than you are.

Gradually, while I was a student in the late 1960s, I became aware that the type of society we lived in was unsustainable and we needed to reverse the direction we were following. I became an activist against what we then called pollution of the environment. As years went by, we became aware of 'global warming', now better known as 'climate change', which would lead to global destruction if left unchecked. I think many more people are aware of this threat now and a growing number realise that it may be possible to reverse this phenomenon, but it will demand great effort and sacrifices from all of us.

Because I am still an activist against climate change, and do what I can, with others, to publicise the threat and advocate for solutions, I believe that humankind will come to its senses and radically improve its impact on the planet. I hope that one day, you will take part in some of the actions that help to achieve that goal. For me, action with others helps to minimise my anxiety. I am sure it will be true for you as well. Take this as my message of hope.

Papy Bernie

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