John's Letter

To My Future Self,

Dear Future Self,
At last, no more petrol/diesel motor vehicles are being produced here in the UK this year of 2030! However, there should be schemes where it is an incentive to bring about a scrapping of existing petrol/diesel motor vehicles and have a spread of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles. Biofuels should not be used where it increases hunger, diverting it to transport instead of crop provision, etc.,. This should be expanded worldwide.
In addition, all forms of transport must be able to be using non-fossil fuels.
The COP summits need to be seen globally as the way forward to prevent climate change, with all nations fulfilling their pledges with all of the monies promised!
Deforestation needs to be reversed worldwide with the best carbon retaining trees used and all tropical rain forests protected by full enforcement of comprehensive laws.
Methane must be regarded as the worst form of pollution than CO2.
Above all, the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 needs to be looked at again, for the UN to list another set of SDGs which improves the environment, tackles inequalities worldwide and assists developing countries with monies and expertise to develop their economies using renewable energies, excluding nuclear, which is volatile, are terrorist risks and which produces nuclear waste that last for thousands of years and needs large sums of funds to keep.
We must ensure that green washing is made illegal worldwide by non-governmental organisations and renew the arguments for those climate change deniers to see the errors of their ways.
There should be a global soils summit to ensure that we all value its fertility, especially in reversing the march of deserts around the world.
Finally, where plastic production is causing pollution and danger to wildlife and the oceans, that all nations should produce a comprehensive plan to eradicate existing pollution and future and this can be assisted with marine protection areas, for example.
Yours, hopefully, Future Self.

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