Gillian Sinclair's Letter

To my great nieces and nephews,

I pray that we have done enough to save trees, grow more trees and give the earth enough oxygen through green leaf plants for you.
I pray that we have given enough habitat to save the pollinating insects - bees, wasps and butterfly’s and dragonflies all need a home, and we need them for your food.
I pray that there are enough fish in the sea and that our fishing policies abolish mass fishing - support local needs of small fishing boats and ban dragging the sea bottom nets.
I pray that we have taught generations to care for wild habitat, natural rhythms and what really matters. To be generous with supporting nature and not abusing our resources for fuel, money or power. May God grant you the beautiful garden and abundant produce that we could plan for today, if we listen to His will 🙏🏻🥰🙏🏻

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