Joanna Childs's Letter

To my niece,,

You’re the first grandchild in our family, and your arrival in January is filling us all with joy and excitement. I hope with all my heart you made it safely.

It’s 2030 are 7 years old. Your lifetime representing momentous change. Governments came together in 2023 and swiftly acted to stop extracting fossil fuels, limiting warming to 1.5 degrees and at the same time providing jobs and better standards of living for billions of people.

We still mourn, for the millions of lives lost to climate disasters, for species we could not save - tragedies which could have been averted if we had acted sooner. Yet we are grateful that we did not give up, and that our leaders had the courage to act in time.

I don’t know your name yet, but for now I’ll call you Hope. I can’t wait to meet you.

Aunty Jo

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