Nigel Spalding's Letter

To those who are born this year,

I fear that, if we don't change course in the 2020s, your lives are going to be damaged and shortened by the climate change that we are perpetrating.

Some us tried to reduce CO2 (and methane) emissions by campaigning for fossil fuels to be left in the ground, by switching to sources of energy that generate less or no CO2, by using less energy, by investing in products that generated energy in other ways. But we could have done better, worked harder, achieved more results. We know and we are sorry.

Our leaders lack courage. They avoid the telling us the truth because they are worried that giving us bad news means they will lose power through the ballot box or as a result of uprisings. And because they won't tell the truth, they won't take the radical action necessary to address the climate emergency or they will only do it half-heartedly, under duress.

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