Sandra Wheeler 's Letter

To my grandchildren and great nephew ,

Our land has over the centuries been systematically raped and pillaged with little thought for its sustenance.
Now today we, each one of us can change that wherever we live.
We can make the right choices but it takes thinking about. For instance giving our clothes to charities hasn't necessarily been a good thing for they have gone across to countries and sold on so cheaply that it has put 100's of local tailors ans seamstresses out of work. The use of soya as a plant food has caused deforestation putting peopled whole way of life in peril.
Huge single crops are devastating in droughts or when crops fail so every judgement we make has an affect on someone else.
So let us make changes in our corner of the world, with what we buy to wear and eat. In what we grow. When we moved here some 21 years ago we didn't see a blackbird for 4 years or little other wildlife as it was a green desert. Now we have a small pond and lots of insect friendly flowers. I don't mow the buttercups and daisies in the lawn but go around them. I hope to put part of the lawn to a flower meadow come the autumn. It's difficult to mow and that could be beneficial to myself as well as the environment.
Be politically aware and find out what is going on in your area. If you don't have the opportunity for windowbox be involved with rewilding. Challenge your councils to sew wildflower verges. It's cheaper, as it doesn't need mowing until the autumn.
There is so much to be done; challenge your mp or am member,find out what is trying to go through the various houses of law N
and make your opinion known. Use the votes that you have that were so bitterly fought for just over a hundred years ago. Even if you find it difficult or can't agree with anyone then use your vote to say so. Put a line across it to show that's how you feel.
We are doing our best to look after our planet for you. With love and hope for your future and the future of our world.

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