R J Reynolds's Letter

To all my friends and family who will be affected as time goes by,

I researched what has happened to our planet over the millium and my results were that what we are going through is just the beginning of our planets decline which has happened before. The effects are similar to previous ages. For instance the destruction of animals and reptiles before mankind came into existence. The earliest being the dinosuar period. They could not survive the weather extremes which led to an ice age. My conclusion is that we are at the beginning of another Ice age. Fortunately mankind has technology which hopefully will be able to overcome what ever happens. But it will be hard going for many countries that will be worst affected than others due to their location on the planet. Of course it is not just mankind that will suffer. One of the worst will be our bird life which has already started with large decline in numbers like the Starlings who have already been affected as the RSPB bird book tells me.

As we are aware we have been affected by different forms of plagues over the centuries like the Black death Asian Flu and of late Corvid. Mankind has not helped by poluting our atmosphere particullarly with jet aircraft which go high up into our Ozone layer pouring out jet fuel which is our water source with rainfall as this year it has been limited and when it does come down it is full of pollution.

At this stage mankind could help to stop this happening by travelling around on sailing boats but it will not alter our planets decline.

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