Zena's Letter

Dear Gaia (Mother Earth),

I hope this finds you well.
I’m worried because it feels as if we are on a knife edge at the moment. I think most humans now understand the harm we are doing to you. However, we cannot help ourselves as there are elections to win and Joneses to keep up with. We can’t seem to refocus on what is truly important.

Did we learn that it was not all about us and that a happy, healthy future depends upon all life forms? Did we recognise them as beings rather than things to be plundered and their habitats destroyed to satisfy us? Did we create a link whereby the polluter pays so that the true cost of our consumption is realised, from raw materials to recycling? Did we manage to encourage entrepreneurs with your welfare in mind? How did the ingenious woman who invented a plastic that breaks down into fish food get on? Did we choose well and invest in new sewage systems to keep our waters clean rather than the latest iteration of the smartphone? Did we manage to cure our addiction to things that give us short-term pleasure and seek out what truly makes us happy such as enjoying clean oceans, fresh air and green and pleasant lands?

I’d love to know and hope that you are not just carrying on without us.

Love and best wishes
Zena - a member of the Human Race

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