Fiona M's Letter

To my granddaughter, Isla Grace,

Dear Isla
I am writing to apologise for the failure of my generation to stop fossil fuel extraction despite trying very hard to convince our UK Government to do this. They never realised that the climate crisis was the most important thing to deal with. Their Green New Deal went nowhere near what was needed as they did not do their sums properly. I know you can do proper sums really well and would not make that mistake. Although we have a new Prime Minister, I don't think he can join up dots very well and see that the refugee crisis is connected to the climate crisis. You can do this much better too. Protesters from Just Stop Oil are doing their best to get the Government to stop investing in fossil fuels and military technology, because these hurt people, but they are being locked up in prison. Some people think that the wrong people are the Government, as they are not seeing common sense. I want to see an energy system that is fair and based on all the potential for renewable energy we have in Scotland. And I know you have a bus pass so that you can use public transport instead of a car, but I would like to see everyone being able to do this. I like the idea of 20 minute neighbourhoods, so that you could use your scooter to get everything you needed to work, rest and play. And your world should be fairer, so that there is not a great big gap between very rich people and ordinary people like us.

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