Danyal Qureshi's Letter

To my future self,

Dear future self,

As I will be reaching year 2030, I have thought there will be a tremendous increase in levels of pollution by 2030 because of the current of of 2023. I am writing this on 19 September 2023 and the temperature is still very hot and humid without any trace of blowing winds. My mother told me that earlier, September used to be cool and pleasant. If the change in climate continues this way, I can imagine the climate of 2030. This climate change is going to be very dangerous for all life forms.

So from now onwards, I will raise my voice and work towards sustainability keeping in view the concerns about environment and climate change. I am making a commitment with my future self that I will take necessary steps towards sustainable living and aspire for a better world for my future self.

I hope that I had fulfilled all my commitments when I meet my future self in 2030.

Yours lovingly
Danyal in 2023

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