Julie Barker's Letter

To my beloved son & daughter,

I am writing this letter in the hope that the planet I have grown up loving but being concerned about its progressive abuse is a better place for you when you are my age.

When I was a child, adults were ignorant about how our desires led to actions that began to cause serious adverse repercussions for the earth. Now there is no excuse for ignorance but governments and individuals are failing to act with urgency to reverse the problem of global warming effectively. We know that there are many unedifying reasons for this.

I understand why you may not wish to have your own children in the knowledge that the world may be a grim place if global warming continues to get worse. I do not share that same sentiment because your care about our world and so will your children. Who's to say that one of them may not be instrumental in the development of a positive world changing initiative?

I know you already seek to tread lightly on the earth and to help others as best you can. I would encourage you to consider carefully whether there is any more you could contribute. Lobbying politicians for the right policies for the planet is one. Having one or 2 children would also be a very positive contribution in my view. There is no greater joy (other than having a relationship with Jesus).

with deep love from your Mother.

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