JulianGiulio's Letter

To the Future Children I Treasure and Care For,

Dear Wonderful beings...

It was hard to 'save this world' for you (VERY hard), and it didn't feel that is what we were doing - we had so MUCH opposition; at times it was a plain ugly fight!!
The politicians were still not listening to the scientists who were telling us just HOW BAD it will be if we don't dramatically change course. But we -the sane people, were growing... Greta Thunberg, in her early 20s, managed to breakthrough to a certain section of people -which seemed like a miracle (She is now of course, Leader of he Global Climate Party).
At last, the Law against 'Ecocide' was adopted by most Western and non-Western countries -and the ones that didn't were eventually forced to join by their civilians own shame and anger at them!
Moreover, 'Greenwashing' was now seen as an imprison-able crime.... And the scientists were able -at last, to start making films with the artists, -about how bad our suffering will go if we don't radically alter our destructive course -which went quite viral. Again -at LAST!
It was all these things -and more, I think, -which seemed to help change our course!
(It is incredible that we actually -or Something eventually 'achieved this'!!

It took such commitment, courage, selflessness, sincerity - energy, determination and sheer, bloody-minded Hope.. -to Turn the Creaky world around ultimately to full Renewables...
It was years too late, but we kind of Did it just in time, for most of you to be able to Live a Life somewhere that wasn't hounded on all sides by all sorts of extreme weather... As you are aware, scientists are still trying to absorb the excess carbon and methane stick in our atmosphere...
But it will be unnaturally warm and unsettled, unpredictable for the next few decades...
But -as you know, it is such a Relief for us all, that the scientists confirm it WILL eventually Settle... :)

AT least, the still extremely lucid David Attenborough got to see this just before he died in 106th year!

We only did it for we feel you are part of us, the whole human family, or even wider to include the whole family of all sentient beings...

Maybe that is why the aliens have at last stopped laughing at us!

As ever, with love,


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