Happy Pear Brothers's Letter

To our children,

Dear May - my daughter; you always inspire me with your ability to focus and create. I hope that we learn to focus and remember to sit with ourselves, and that we can move from so many of us being distracted for fear that we may actually have to sit with ourselves and feel the weight of the present moment. I hope that we learn to pause, to reflect and actually welcome what comes up in us when we stop.

Dear Theo - my son; I hope we learn that we are indeed a part of nature and that when we hurt, abuse or pollute any part of the planet we do the same to ourselves. I hope that we learn to respect and protect, and that we can all gather together to establish more biodiversity and reverence for the animals we share this world with, the plants that allow us to breathe and all of the other wonderful aspects of this beautiful natural world.

Dear Ned - my little boy; I hope we learn to connect to our wild curiosity and to marvel at the world. You remind me continuously how magic all aspects of this world are. I hope we can learn to embrace this and lay down the shackles of responsibility and trust nature, life or whatever Devine force you believe in, to meet our needs and not necessarily our wants.

Dear Elsie, I hope and yearn that we manage to tap into our hearts and descend from being incredible human doings to become human beings, that we connect and slow down to the rhythm of nature and marvel at the wonder of this adventure called life.

Dear Izzy, you are such an example of freedom and wild beauty. I hope that we collectively start to see the world not as a resource to be applied to commerce but as an example of art and beauty that is more complex than we can ever begin to fathom. I hope that we can all move beyond our capitalistic conditioning consumed by our wants, and actually stop and realise how free we are and how this beautiful life is the greatest gift we could ever receive.

Love your Dad, Stephen
Love your Dad, David
The Happy Pear Brothers

Stephen writes to his children: May, Theo and Ned.
David writes to his two daughters: Elise and Izzy.

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