Mike Green's Letter

To those growing up in the Twenty First Century,

Dear Children and Grandchildren,

I hope that you are keeping well; and are living in a peaceful world.

I hope that the computers are behaving themselves.

Don't forget to think for yourselves ! Always.

Are you able to keep a garden or allotment ? Keep on tending the soil; and also of course loving one another. Treat others just as you would wish to be treated.

How I wonder is the Green Party Parliament progressing ? Full of equity, I trust. Love from cradle to grave, for one and all. DON'T GIVE UP the excellent work.

KEY ADVICE - Remember - NO MORE WAR - EVER !! ( my goodness ! are some of you asking, "What IS war?" ),

Right - well I'd best be going - hope I've not missed anything important out.

Remember - YOU are important - Life is important -

With Love and Peace to all -

Grandad Green

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