Emma Nicholson's Letter

The elected government ,

Letters to tomorrow, seriously?
I would prefer a letter for today, now, yesterday!
I don’t mean to pass the buck on to politicians who are also human, but we have known about climate change etc for longer than my whole lifetime, and I am not aware of any sort of action or genuine responsible approach to it from any uk government. I read the news that the latest government claims to have ‘fixed’ the current energy crisis by placing a cap on the price of fossil fuels!? My point is that governments only seem to care/ work off an outdated, capitalist and alarmingly shallow understanding of the problem. In all my years I am still waiting for the energy crisis to be honestly, realistically and respectfully addressed by our leaders and influencers of this country. Can we have an economy that is mindful of earth’s ecosystems, and a more positive future for our children please?! I just hope and pray to God that we will all not still be waiting in 2030! Thanks.

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