Aisha Rickard's Letter

To all my grandchildren, Mia, Jessie, Skye, Lucy and Eden and my great-grandchildren when they arrive,

I am writing you this letter in the hope that, by the time you have children of your own, the world's leaders will have seen some sense and taken action to prevent the climate crisis from deepening further. I don't expect any progress in my lifetime as these so-called leaders have only one thing on their collective mind - making money at the expense of everything and everyone else.
I do what I can to influence others to consider the planet when making their decisions about travel, home-heating, single-use plastic, reusing and repurposing old household items etc. But my reach is very small these days. You have the time and the opportunity to make a real difference and prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change that will lead to millions of people being displaced, hungry and thirsty and to save many species from extinction.
My sincere hope is that you will take up this baton and make a real sustainable difference to your world. Living in a world with little natural joy is, to me, unconscionable and I pray you feel the same way.

Love you to the moon and back
Granny xxxxx

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