julie's Letter

To my grandchildren,

If we get a move on and stop bad practice, you will see all homes and flats, properly insulated, powered by renewable energy, with gardens full of insects, birds, hedges and trees, helping to increase bio-diversity.
Your schools and colleges will be powered by renewables, and light and airy. Learning will be investigative and empowering, with renewable living a key subject.
You will have clean water from publicly owned water companies, with brown water now being used to flush toilets so that there are no water shortages. No more sewage discharges ever.
There will be public transport everywhere that is free to young people, to help them get out and about, to exercise and socialise.
Farmers will grow food sustainably; there will be no food waste as surplus food will be shared; supermarkets will have to reduce ultra processed food that is ruining the health of so many young people. Refillable drinks containers and no plastic bottles or single use plastic so you can enjoy a clean environment.
High streets will sell limited sustainable fashion and lots of recycled, repurposed clothes. You'll be happy with re-purposed furniture in your homes.
Work will be far more enjoyable and sustainable, with 4 day working.
The climate will be safe once more.

The reality - never give up hope and do all we can to make change happen.

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