Amanda Anderson's Letter

My children, grandchildren, great-grand children,


Sadly, we (humanity) have shown that we do not learn from history or from the past. We have missed out: and so the story goes on repeating itself over and over - so here we are now. I am hoping you still have a healthy home and a healthy planet - I am hoping you have clean air to breathe and you still have trees, flowers and birds. I hope you still find silence and peace somewhere in nature. Hope you still have islands - and that the sea level hasn't risen so much that you have missed them. I hope your sea still has fish (rather than plastic or slimey fuel, and hope the corals are not all bleached.

The way it is looking now, is sadly not very good. Science, media, articles, have been repeating the warnings over and over - there have been protest upon protest by everyone especially the youths - asking the governments to committ to saving what is left of our planet. Yet nothing has really changed. Politicians say the right words, agree on the right documents - yet, action is very sadly (for you future generations) missed.

We are tired, and are very frustrated of our politicians. How don't they get it? I hope you have a future based on those human values which we once had. I do hope that some of you still have that strength inside you - and that you are doing something about this mess that we have sadly left you. I do hope that you have the energy within you - to know that you can do something to change the tide of environmental and planetary degradation. Sadly we have failed miserably. The forces of the economy have been too strong: our politicians sadly care about the health of the markets: and not our health. And yes, they do not really care about what we call 'the global south'. They fail to see that we are all part of the whole: that we are all in this together. And the emergency alarms have been silenced by banknotes and the greed for more.

It is very sad: but we keep trying and we will continue trying maybe someone will listen: all in our little ways - there is something we can all do: leaving it up to others, especially our politicians: never works. So, I do hope that you have learnt that. The thing is, if you want change, you have to just do it - and every little bit you can do, is as good as it's going to get!

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