Sarah 's Letter

Our children ,

I hope you are enjoying life. There is so much to love and be thankful for.

Look after our world and the people in it. We are all here for such a short time, but we can each make a big impact on those around us.

Try to keep a global perspective, but take responsibility for your individual actions. I know you think carefully about the choices you make: be accountable for your actions.

Be scientists: always ask questions, scrutinise information and query who is telling me this and what is their agenda?

Educate yourselves. You are bright, intelligent beings. Don’t be lazy in your thinking. Climate change, like most things in life, is complex and there aren’t easy solutions. Respect experts, but engage in debate. Your opinions may change and that’s ok.

I hope that in 2030 you are using the knowledge you are gaining now. I hope that our country is using renewable energy and is helping other countries do the same. I hope that political rhetoric is being replaced with action - with serious funding and investment in our infrastructure.

I hope that everyone has access to comfortable housing, healthcare, jobs, green spaces, companionship and recreation.

I hope that you, and I, can play a small part in making this happen.

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