Sue's Letter

To my 3 grandchildren, from your Nanny ,

To my dear grandchildren,
I'm writing this letter in 2023 in the hope that in the future you will be living in a clean unpolluted world with clean and beautiful rivers. Many animals will live on each continent and hunting big beautiful animals like elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers and orangutans will have long been stopped. I hope that our country has many clean areas and wildflowers carpet our land again for easy access for many bees and pollinators. I would hope our seas are less polluted with rubbish, making it a safe place to live for the many sea creatures that live there. I would hope rubbish isn't being dropped anymore making our environments a better place to be part of. I'm hoping that all the groups winning the Earthshot prizes have by the time you are grown up, will have made a significant mark on our planet.

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