Ann's Letter

To my granddaughter Rose,

Dearest Rose, I am so sorry for the future you are going to inherit. We could have acted 40 years ago when it was first noticed that the planet was warming up. I am so sorry that we kept ignoring Climate Change and refused to give up certain aspects of our comfortable life styles. So sorry that we believed the lies of the Fossil Fuel Giants who just wanted to keep making sacks of money despite the threat to future generations. Sorry that we could not make our own government act on Global Warming as they kept funding new fossil fuels and making the Crisis worse. I am trying to reduce my own carbon footprint for you as I am now a vegan. I no longer fly for holidays. I no longer have a car. I don't buy single use plastic from polluting supermarkets. Please forgive me. I love you enough to try and change the future and will keep on trying for as long as I live. xxx

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